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Our Specialist LIVE this Month is with Melanie Moore - Reduce Stress, Improve Menopause Symptoms this Christmas using EFT

eft live melanie moore specialist stress relief Nov 11, 2023

🌟Join us for a Live Q & A and EFT demonstration to help reduce stress and bring down those cortisol levels, in the private Facebook group - Pause and Unite Menopause  on Wed 22nd November 2023 - 7.30pm .

It is a fact that during Perimenopause/Menopause our oestrogen level decrease and our cortisol levels become harder to regulate, result in many women experiencing an increase in Menopause symptoms such as problems sleeping, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain and more.

One of the ways we can normalise cortisol levels is through stress reduction and relaxation - 'But how do we do that?' I hear you ask, 'especially on the lead up to Christmas!' 

We are super excited to have Melanie Moore, joining us LIVE to provide us with tools to help ease the symptoms and empower the inner voice within that can often hold us back - She will introduce you to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and you can join in on a LIVE session to experience the positive effects for yourself. 

If you cannot make the Live you can leave your question in the Facebook Group and we will be sure to ask Mel🌟

There is also a fabulous collection of easy to follow EFT videos created by Melanie to help you with specific Menopause Symptoms such as sleep problems, anxiety, low self esteem and more... Have a look at Emotional Freedom Technique for Menopause for more information. 

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