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BOOK REVIEW: The Perimenopause Solution by Dr Shahzadi Harper and Emma Bardwell

book recommendation book review May 01, 2023

Sarah P - a Pause & Unite member share her thoughts on this book...


Brief overview of the books perspective on peri/menopause:

An excellent easy-to-read book covering everything that you might need whilst in the Perimenopause. Easy to dip in and out of, although I read it in one sitting as it was so informative.

Where were you in your Pausal Journey when you started reading it? 

I'd been having symptoms for many years but hadn't realised that they were symptoms of declining hormones, reading this book has opened my eyes and it seems that I have been suffering for longer than I thought! I'd put my symptoms down to other things and even my Dr didn't tell me that I might be perimenopausal.

What did you find most helpful or has stayed with you? 

I found it all very interesting and useful, but I particularly liked the section on Nutrition and supplements. I found the case studies really useful too.

Is there anything you did not agree with or any information you struggled with ? 

No, it was all easy to digest

Did the book lead you to research anything else or take specific action ? If yes please provide details… 

I didn't know that there were different sorts of HRT, the book covers this but not in great detail so I did a bit of research about that. Since reading it I have been more mindful of what I eat and drink.

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