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book recommendations book review early menopause sheree - early menopause Oct 02, 2022


Sheree our Early Menopause Ambassador, shares her thoughts after reading this book.....

Brief overview of the books perspective on peri/menopause:

This book covers everything you need to know about premature ovarian insufficiency. It sheds light on HRT, long-term effects, diagnosis and fertility. This book is amazingly written and completely accessible with many personal touches throughout as it encloses 13 stories at the end of the book. These women involved are not only brave but completely transparent in their experiences which makes the reader feel less alone. Whether you have premature ovarian insufficiency yourself or know someone who has this book is perfect for you! Daisy Network is a charity for women with POI with the aim of sharing support and creating a community where women feel safe.

Where were you on your Pausal Journey when you started reading it?

I was diagnosed with POI at 15 but purchased this book only last month at the age of 21! It has helped me affirm my acceptance of my diagnosis and spurred me on to advocate for women who feel invisible within our society.

What did you find most helpful or has stayed with you?

The parts of this book that have particularly stayed with me are the stories at the end of this book. The beginning of this book is very medical and although written in a way that is easy to understand and digest, it can feel pretty dense. The stories at the end of this book turn the medical facts into honest real-life lived experiences: I particularly resonate with Hayley’s story, although she is older than me now, our diagnosis is very similar!

Is there anything you did not agree with or any information you struggled with?

In any book about menopause or early menopause I really struggle reading the fertility sections, however, this book describes infertility in a way that is not stripping of all hope. After reading this book, you realise that fertility does not start and end with a ‘natural’ conception, there are many options out there if you are wanting to have children in the future.

Did the book lead you to research anything else or take a specific action? 

YES!! I am massively passionate about bringing awareness to POI but after reading this book, it has spurred me to carry on what I am doing as there are thousands of women out there that feel awfully alone. I want to change that! I want to educate and listen to women that are silenced or unheard within society!


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