Our Specialist Live This Month is all about Nutrition in Menopause

🌟Our Live this month took place at our Monthly Menopause Meet Up event and is available on replay within our members area.

Deborah Taylor of Taylored Nutrition shared her expertise in how small changes to the foods we eat can have a big impact on our Perimenopause symptoms and our Post Menopause health. 

To view this and other replays of covering a range of topics from Hormonal Health, HRT, Strength Training, Herbs, Sleep problems and much more Join our Pause & Unite Members area 

Tickets available for our May Menopause Meet Up 

🌟Join us in May for a fantastic in-person event in Nottingham, UK . It's time to connect, share experiences, and learn more about this important phase of life.
The first 15 of you who book your tickets will each receive a goody bag on the day…so get booking ladies!

Guest Speakers are Katherine Chambers, The Nottingham Herbalist and Emma Woods, Menopause Yoga Practitioner,

Event include additional specialists available to answer questions, Refreshments, Raffle, Products to sample and more...

Visit eventbrite to book -

The event entry is informal and all women are welcome, whatever stage or cause of Menopause.

The event is on a suggested donation basis of £5-£10 *, payable when booking your ticket and also welcome during the event, as we do not receive funding for organising and hosting the events, these are needed to ensure we can continue providing monthly meet ups accessible to all women.

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Is Menopause Affecting Your Life? 

Join Pause and Unite's, Alicia, in helping the scientific world understand more about the impact of Menopause. 

This latest Study led by the University of Nottingham is looking at how Menopause influences attention, memory and flexible thinking.

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Our latest Review Opportunities

Last Month we completed the Magnesium Body Butter review which came back with a fantastic 4/5 star rating visit the review results page to find out how it helped women improve their dry skin and restless legs symptoms.

Ladies from our community are currently reviewing Silicol Gel provided by A Vogel. Gastro problems are common problems when going through perimenopause and menopause, it can help with an array of symptoms including IBS. Keep following us for result of this review. 

There are still some spaces available on for next review of Harmony Frequency Patches by Biofield Care UK - non hormonal patches which work by emitting a low electromagnetic frequency blend helping to ease common symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, Pain and cramps and mood swings. 

Members of Pause & Unite will be given priority for reviewing products… 

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Meet the latest Specialist to Join Pause & Unite

🌟The lastest specialist helping women on their Pausal Journey is Christine Maragkakis of Simply Be Wellbeing (pictured). A Women's Life & Mindset Therapist, Mindfulness Specialist, Podcast Host, Motivational Speaker and Wellbeing Provider. Chris is passionate about supporting mid-life women and specialises in helping you through anxiety, difficult relationships and trauma because she knows that dealing with the things that come up during this process can free you from the Pain, Lack of confidence, Depression, Anger, Burnout, Overwhelm, Overthinking, Substance Misuse, Weight Problems and Phobias that often become worse during perimenopause and beyond.


New specialists joining us soon include - Elena Caraman of the Anele Clinic specialising in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). 
Shona Munro of Skin Elixir - specialising in natural skin care. 
And Dani Binnington of Menopause and Cancer, a fantastic platform to help support women exoperiencing menopause due to cancer treatment.

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