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YOUR MENOPAUSE QUESTIONS - Is There Anything I Can Do For My Low Libido?

avogel q&a Jan 25, 2023

Answered by Eileen Durward, Menopause Expert - A Vogel.

“This is such a common symptom but can be caused by a number of issues so it can be quite a difficult one to resolve, unfortunatley. The main reasons being:

Decreasing hormones, fatigue, anxiety/stress, vaginal dryness and decrease of the hormone Oxytocin;

Oxytocin is our 'love hormone' and can decrease along with estrogen; this can often then lessen attachment and love for partners.

Some women do find that they no longer fancy their partner and this will contribute to not wanting sex. In this situation it is a good idea to do a bit of a lifestyle overhaul; see what the main issues are. If it's fatigue (many women are so busy with work, family, maybe looking after parents as well that they have no energy left at the end of the day for anything else!) then they need to make time for themselves to re-energise. If it's vaginal dryness (which will cause painful sex) then supplements such as Sea Buckthorn Oil can be really helpful. If it's low hormones then supplements such as our Menopause Support or Black Cohosh or libido enhancing herbs such as Maca can be taken.

If it's lack of connection to a partner, it is really difficult to resolve this one. I often suggest going back to basics ie making time for proper courting such as making plans for date nights (maybe one a week); anticipation plays a big part in desire!”

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