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Review - A Vogel Extra Moisturising Eye Drops to treat Menopause symptom of Dry Eye

avogel product review review May 17, 2023

Members of our community reviewed the A Vogel Extra Moisturising Eye Drops - including Caroline - here is what she had to say after 2 weeks of using the product. 

"I have been suffering from dry eye for the last 6 months. It is one of a few menopause symptoms I have been experiencing. 

As part of the review i was asked about packaging, ease of use and how well it worked to improve my symptoms..

The Packaging was quite plain and functional. It was reassuring to see it had a security seal on it so you know that the product is unused.

Ease of Use - I found them a bit awkward to use the first couple of times. There is an instruction leaflet suggesting how you do it, but I worked out my own system after a couple of applications.

I think the button probably gets easier to press the more you use them too, which makes them easier to dispense.

How well did I feel they worked? - Very well. I used to wake up with crusty eyes but this stopped when I started putting the drops in last thing at night.

My eyes feel less dry and gritty through the day too.


I now usually only put them in first thing in the morning and last thing at night and generally my eyes feel comfortable all day. I'll put them in again if my eyes feel dry during the day but this only happens rarely now.

As a result of reviewing this product I would definitely try other A Vogel products and recommend this to others." 

20 women reviewed this treatment to help with dry eye and irritated eyes often experienced by women during perimenopause and post menopause. To read more of the results and comments visit the A Vogel Extra Moisturising Eye Drops review page. 

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