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campaigns make menopause matter May 09, 2023

You may have thought that Menopause was far off in the distance, something of little importance or to be dreaded... As women all over the UK start talking more openly about their experiences both at home and in the workplace, it is become clear that Menopause is something which effects us all and the institutions which surround us need to catch up and step up - you can help make that happen!

The 'Make Menopause Matter' Campaign and Petition has been founded and driven forward by Diane Danzebrink. to date there are over 190,000 signatures calling for the government to make changes in healthcare, education and the workplace. We need more.... 

It is already having an impact which will effect the next generation of women as well as those experiencing menopause now - Menopause has now been included in RSE curriculum in England from Sept 2020 and all medical students will be taught about menopause as part of a mandatory women's health module from 2024. So much more can still be done. 

The open discussions on Menopause are highlighting the huge gaps in women's healthcare generally, the stereotypes are still maintained and the medical profession is behind on the holistic approach needed for women to transition in our fast paced world. Driving this campaign forward is making everyone reassess our systems and the inequality which is clearly still prevelent .... 

So Please join us and the 190,289 people who have already signed the petition, Together let's call on the Ministers responsible for Health, Work and Education to #MakeMenopauseMatter by ensuring 

1. Mandatory menopause training for all GPs and medical students.

2. Menopause awareness and support in every workplace.

3. Menopause to be included in the RSE curriculum in schools. 

4. A national government funded public health campaign for menopause.

For more information on the campaign and Diane Danzebrink visit Menopause Support

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