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How Long Does Menopause Last?

quick vids Apr 01, 2024

Going through the Menopause is a phrase we often use but what does it mean, how long does menopause actually last ? 

  1. Menopause According to our featured specialist Dr. Sally Bell (Medical Expert specializing in Women’s Health/Lifestyle Medicine), Menopause – “Is a Medical Term given to the point in life where you are unable to have babies, it is where those sex hormones that your ovaries have been producing in a cyclical nature during your reproductive life, decline and reach a new, steady but lower state taking you into the Post Menopausal era.”

Technically Menopause is just the one day, the day which is 12 months after your last period. Currently the average age in the UK for women reaching Menopause is 51 years*, however, it can be experienced at a much younger age or due to surgery, cancer treatments or other health conditions.

  1. Perimenopause – Describes the transition time leading up to the day of Menopause, when production of our sex hormones, oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, change and ultimately decline within the body, these hormonal levels can be very erratic at times. It can cover a period of anything ranging from an average of three months to 10 years prior to Menopause and in that time, it will change the types of symptoms you have and its severity. Our mental, emotional health, cognitive ability, ability to cope with stress can all be impacted alongside, body hair – skin – teeth – bones, our heart health, gut health, vaginas, and libido. The list really does go on.
  2. Post Menopause – The rest of your life after the Menopause has been reached. Some women continue to experience symptoms, but for some women they ease or become less intense.

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