Thrive Through Peri-Menopause
& Beyond

An In-depth 8 Module, 28 lesson course covering every aspect from the beginning of your peri-menopausal journey, right through to menopause and beyond.

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Finding The Peaceful Me Through Meditation

In this 6 module, 25 lesson course you will discover ways to reduce stress and anxiety and find relief, calm connection and move towards an inner peace despite the challenges your pausal journey presents you with.

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Soothe Body and Mind with Yoga for Menopause

In this three-module course, with over 15 short practices, Maria introduces you to Yoga for the menopause with simple movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices.
These practices are carefully designed to help you manage stress, ease your menopause symptoms, and leave you feeling nourished and restored rather than depleted and exhausted.

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Emotional Freedom Technique for Menopausal Symptoms

In this 6 module course you bring yourself to a place of peace and calm using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping. A quick round of tapping is like a reset for your brain & can help a multitude of physical and emotional ailments including menopausal symptoms. 

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The Self-Care Toolkit for your Pausal Journey

This five module course is a gentle, reflective course which helps to move you back to the top of the list - which in the midst of all the menopausal fog seems impossible to do at times. Providing a self-care and self-discovery toolkit to help you know, value & understand yourself so you can start to make these changes.

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