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Why Companies Need To Address The Issue Of Supporting Staff Going Through The Menopause

In this blog, Rotheras Solicitor’s Employment Law Senior Associate Solicitor Natalie Abbott discusses how companies can support staff going through the menopause and the importance of them doing so.

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Creating an Employee Network Group to help with the Menopause

With many companies focusing on their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policies and activities, menopause employee network groups (ENGs) are proving to be an effective way to provide support to women in the workplace on their menopause journey, and these groups can have a big impact by contributing to an organisations cultural and diversity credentials.…

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Before the summer we saw @thecarolmalone discuss on The Jeremy Vine Show @jeremeyvineon5 s whether we need menopause policies in work to support women. Carole declared that this made us, as women, victims of what is a normal process, explaining that with the right help, we can all 'sail through' the perimenopause.….

What are YOUR thoughts? Is it a problem? Should we have policies in place? Will this support us or victimise us?

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Menopause and the Workplace: UK Government

An independent report was published on 25 November 2021 and contains ten recommendations aimed at bringing about comprehensive change and support for those experiencing the menopause, in key areas of Government policy, employer practice, and wider societal and financial change.

This document responds to each recommendation in turn[footnote 1]….

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ACAS Menopause & The Law 

Employers should make sure they have steps, procedures and support in place to help staff affected by the menopause.

Having regular conversations with staff and listening to their concerns might help resolve issues early on before any potential legal action is taken.

Employers should make sure they know how the menopause relates to the law, including …..

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Guidance on menopause and the workplace - FOM

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine's
(FOM) guidance on menopause and the
workplace and infographic highlights that nearly eight out of ten menopausal women are in work.
FOM also found that the majority of women are unwilling to disclose menopause related health problems to their managers. The guidance offers practical guidance on how to improve workplace environments.


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Let’s Talk Menopause - CIPD 

The Chartered Institute of Personnel (CIPD) and Development's Let's talk menopause' resource provides managers with tools on how to effectively support women going through the menopause at work.

‘People experiencing menopausal symptoms require the same support and understanding from their employer as anyone experiencing any ongoing health condition.

Employers need to break the stigma and taboo surrounding the menopause at work and create an inclusive working environment where employees and managers feel confident to discuss any practical adjustments that may be needed….’

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Following the findings of a recent CIPD report which highlighted a lack of provision in organisations to support life stage issues faced by employees in particular the menopause, Simplyhealth hosted a dedicated Women’s Health webinar on the topic of Menopause in the Workplace. 

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The CIPD, the professional body for HR and People Development, Central London Branch held a Menopause in the Workplace Webinar featuring speakers - Bev Thorogood, Menopause Specialist Trainer and Emma Skeates, Author and Blogger. 

Guidance on menopause at work - in the NHS

The NHS Staff Council’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Partnership Group developed this guidance to support NHS organisations to improve the way they address menopause and work. This is complemented by principles for line managers and staff.

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Line Managers and Menopause Conversations at Work

Henpicked’s Deborah Garlick was joined by Sally Leech, training director at Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace, to discover more about the role of line managers in menopause conversations at work.

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