Stress Relief through Meditation 

Detzi Simpson
Reiki / Shamanic Healer, Meditation Teacher & Reflexologist

Hi, I'm Detzi,

We all need time to rest and relax in order to live life happily and be at our best, in mind, body and spirit. In midst of our busy lives, responsibilities, commitments and duties, our endless to do lists, goals and ambitions, we often forget to simply slow down, relax and “be in the present moment. And for a great many people, not doing this, leads to stress, anxiety, low mood, skewed perspective, poor sleep, strained relationships, a lack of self-worth or self-value and, in some cases, illness or pain. All of these are the body’s way of asking us to listen to ourselves and make changes.  

For those in the perimenopausal and menopausal phase of life, all of the above may be exacerbated as the hormonal changes run their own course, impacting our physical bodies and our mental and emotional functioning. All of this may leave us feeling stressed, out of control, overwhelmed by physical symptoms, imbalanced emotionally and mentally. This in turn can affect our confidence, our sense of security, our relationships and ability to communicate with others. For many, it may feel as if our ability to carry out regular life activities and our ability to fully experience and enjoy life is very much challenged or hampered. 

Whilst working with a range of age groups, genders, causative factors of stress and disharmony, here at the The Peaceful Soul I aim to support everyone I work with to find their own route to inner peace, calm and presence through empowering practices. I offer one-to-one healing and holistic treatments and mentoring, but a large part of my practice now is running online and in-person relaxation and meditation groups and providing focused and self-led courses online to allow a wider audience to benefit from my work from the comfort of their own homes, in their own time, which is especially important for those with busy and stressful lives. 

There is vast research evidence showing that a regular meditation practice is hugely beneficial to physical, mental and emotional well-being. However, meditation is often seen as difficult or inaccessible because it is associated the stereotypical quiet, crossed-legged pose, where the mind becomes “empty”. For many, they see this as unattainable and 'not them'. In reality, meditation is simply an activity that allows us to both free and focus the mind. Through my work, I aim to make meditation and healing practices completely accessible and empowering by introducing a range of relaxation and meditation styles and activities, sharing simple, but powerful, visualisations, breathing and movement techniques and "healing journeys". These can be practised by complete beginners, whilst expanding the repertoire of practices for those more experienced. 

Bring your Stress Levels Down with this Feeling Breathing Meditation


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Meet Detzi Simpson

5 Meditation Myths Busted


Meet Detzi Simpson


5 Meditation Myths Busted


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Did you know that meditation can help many symptoms of the menopause - you may be unsure whether meditation is for you? Maybe you have tried in the past but found it too difficult?

Detzi believes that there is a meditation style or technique to suit everyone. This 6 week course introduces different styles of meditation and guides you through a variety of practices designed to help calm your mind and reduce stress. Modules include breathing practices demonstrations, meditations and much more...

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